Chantal Cyr, Ph. D. psychology

Full Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Quebec in Montreal
Canada Research Chair in Child Attachment and Development
Member of the College of the Royal Society of Canada

Director of the Laboratory for Child and Family Development Studies (LEDEF)
Researcher Young University Institute in Difficulty CIUSSS South Central island of MTL

Photo: Chantal Cyr

Professor Cyr is internationally recognized for her work on childhood abuse, disorganized attachment and parent-child relationship intervention (IR). She also works with other populations of vulnerable children, such as children followed in child psychiatry.
It has shown the effectiveness of IR in improving parental sensitivity, children's development and decisions about their placement.
His training influences many practitioners working with vulnerable families. Its work has led to the implementation of the IR in several countries around the world.

Professor Cyr's work aims to better understand the processes involved in the socio-emotional functioning of vulnerable children by identifying the individual, family and environmental risk factors that cause their adaptation difficulties. It also aims to identify protective factors in order to better understand the key variables on which to intervene. She pays particular attention to disorganized attachment, which has been associated with significant difficulties in children, and the role of parent-child interactions and secure attachment as a protective factor in the child's development.

In collaboration with her colleagues, she developed relational intervention (IR) and assesses its effectiveness in the quality of parental care and child development. She carries out all of her work with the clinical community and is very involved in stakeholder training and knowledge transfer. It was in this context that she helped found REPAIRE and CARE.

Professor Cyr has been continuously funded since 2007 by SSHRC and other organizations. In particular, she was a research fellow at the FRQS between 2007 and 2013. The excellence of his work earned him the American Professional Society's Outstanding Research Article award in 2011; and in 2017 the Excellence Young Researcher Award from his faculty. It has also consolidated a strong network of collaborations, published its work in important scientific journals and disseminated it as a lecturer to the scientific and clinical community, nationally and internationally. The impact of his publications now amounts to several thousand citations (see Google Scholar).

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