Offer of Postdoctoral Internship at LEDEF

Offer of Postdoctoral Internship at LEDEF

April 19, 2021 Off By Cyr, Chantal

Date of entry into office: Fall 2021;

Deadline for submission of applications: At all times

Please send your application to Chantal Cyr at the cyr.chantal@uqam.cawith the   following subject: “Postdoctoral application”.

The Laboratory for Child and Family Development Studies (LEDEF) at UQAM is led by Chantal Cyr, Canada Research Chair in Child Attachment and Development.

The LEDEF’s work focuses on the development of vulnerable children, particularly those at risk or victims of childhood abuse, and their families. Our work aims to identify risk factors associated with abuse, better understand the consequences of adverse life experiences, and identify protective factors that promote the resilience of children and their parents. With this in mind, various laboratory projects evaluate Relational Intervention, a parent-child attachment-based intervention that uses video feedback and has been shown to be effective in improving parental sensitivity and socio-emotional and cognitive development in children. Several knowledge transfer activities or research projects in the laboratory also focus on improving professional practices for these families.

We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow who would like to join the team for a period of two years (with the possibility of extension) to collaborate on the development of research projects, analysis of statistical data and writing empirical articles.

Key tasks

  • Participated in the conceptualization of research projects with vulnerable people, such as those affected by abuse or adverse experiences.
  • Conducted statistical analyses testing the effectiveness of interventions or models focused on identifying processes (moderators, mediators) involved in child development.
  • Writing scientific papers submitted to peer-reviewed scientific journals in French and English.
  • Writing and assisting in the preparation of scientific papers in conferences.
  • Participated in the preparation of grant applications.


  • Ph.D. in Psychology, or related discipline, with a research component (e.g., ph.D.).
  • Mastering advanced quantitative analysis methods using SPSS and Mplus software.
  • Excellent communication skills written in French and English.
  • Have published at least one article in a scientific journal (peer review) as a lead author.
  • Autonomy and interest in teamwork with PhD students in the laboratory.

Terms of employment

  • $35,000 per year.
  • Financial support for dissemination in national or international scientific congresses.
  • Office space in the Department of Psychology of UQAM (Adrien-Pinard Pavilion).
  • Physical presence required at least two days a week when the health context allows.


  • Presentation letter (2 pages maximum).
  • Curriculum vitae, including the list of awards, scholarships and publications/scientific papers.
  • Two letters of recommendation, if possible related to research
  • University transcripts
  • Copy of publications (3 maximum)

Potential candidates will be contacted for an interview.