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Doctoral scholarships, Valérie Langlois, Laurence Cyr-Desautels and Solène Cognard-Bessette

Congratulations to three PhD students in psychology, Valérie Langlois, Laurence Cyr-Desautels and Solène Cognard-Bessette, who have received government scholarships at the doctoral level! Valérie Langlois received the Joseph-Armand-Bombardier Fellowship, Laurence Cyr-Desautels received the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) grant, and Solène received the Quebec Research Fund Award, Society and Culture Component (FRQSC).

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Offer of Postdoctoral Internship at LEDEF

Date of entry into office: Fall 2021; Deadline for submission of applications: At all times Please send your application to Chantal Cyr at the cyr.chantal@uqam.cawith the   following subject: “Postdoctoral application”. The Laboratory for Child and Family Development Studies (LEDEF) at UQAM is led by Chantal Cyr, Canada Research Chair in Child Attachment and Development.…

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Publication of an article by Lory Zephyr

Lory Zephyr wrote an article based on her thesis in collaboration with Chantal Cyr, Sébastien Monette, Valérie Langlois, Laurence Cyr-Desautels and Maude Archambault, which recently appeared in the journal Child Abuse – Neglect. The latter is entitled: “Disinhibited social engagement behaviors in young maltreated children: Dysfunctional behavior of biological parents and child attachment”. The results…

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Publication of an article by Chantal Cyr

Chantal Cyr published an article in the journal Child Maltreatment with Karine Dubois-Comtois, Daniel Paquette, Leonor Lopez and Marc Bigras. The article reiterates the effectiveness of the Intervetion-Relational in improving the sensitivity of parents reported for neglect or abuse, in addition to showing its value as a tool to guide the placement decisions of child…

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Chantal Cyr, CBC College Member

Chantal Cyr was admitted as a member of the College of the Royal Society of Canada (RCS). She is one of 50 new members of the CBC’s College of New Arts and Science Researchers and Creators.You can find the news at the following link:

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Publication of an article by Sabine Van Der Asdonk

Sabine van der Asdonk, a former doctoral intern at the laboratory, recently wrote an article with Chantal Cyr and Lenneke Alink. It was published in the journal Attachment – Human Development.  This article is entitled :”Improving parent-child interactions in maltreating families with the Attachment Video-feedback Intervention: Parental childhood trauma as a moderator of treatment effects”.…

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